Efficient Impeller Technology

An impeller with up to 17,000 rpm is driven by a timing belt. The impeller sucks in the dirt picked-up by the rotating brush and transports it through the air channel into the filter bag.

Powerful Battery

The SEBO POWER UNIT offers an extremely long runtime of 60 minutes under full workload. The charging time of the POWER UNIT is only 250 minutes.

Safety Features

In the case of a blockage or overload, the unit switches off automatically. In the locked, upright position (park position), the brush lifts to protect the floor.

Multi-layer Microfibre Bag

The SEBO BP60 has a sealable four-layer electret filter bag with ultra-fine microfiltration and a large volume of 5.5 litres.

Practical Cleaning Access

The cleaning flap on the bottom of the power head allows easy access into the air channel to remove blockages.

Removable Brush Roller

The brush roller can easily be removed, without tools, for replacement or to remove tangled hairs and fibres.