When choosing a new car, most people want to buy the best they possibly can. The much-used household appliance should be no exception to this rule. Just as German-engineered vehicles are revered as the best in the world, so the country’s reputation for precision engineering also applies to vacuum cleaners. Designed and manufactured in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners are built to last, look fantastic and, thanks to their ergonomic design and high performance motors, they are the ultimate cleaning machines. Established in 1978, SEBO boasts an impressive pedigree that’s established the company as world leaders in vacuum technology and development, both in the professional and domestic sectors. The secret to the company’s success lies in its specialised expertise: unlike many other manufacturers, SEBO focuses solely on vacuum cleaners and, hence, excels in this technology. Just as you would expect from a German company, SEBO’s vacuum cleaners are made to last. Supplied with a free five-year parts and labour guarantee on all domestic machines, in reality SEBO expects its machines to last far longer and it’s not unusual for a SEBO vacuum to celebrate its 20th birthday; there are many which are even older. The SEBO latest collection – the high-tech Airbelt E range – is beautifully designed inside and out with sleek lines and a glossy finish. Beneath the surface, attention has also been paid to the internal design with smooth internal airways to generate high levels of suction power with minimal noise and a patented AIRBELT system that absorbs impacts and protects furniture. Like many German manufacturers, SEBO has long upheld strong eco-principles, and is proactive rather than reactive where the environment is concerned. For example, not only is plastic recycled into new components but the factory is completely self-sustaining in terms of electricity, and even feeds into the national grid when supply exceeds demand. Rain water is also collected, filtered and reused on the factory floor and washrooms, even the product packaging (made from unbleached, recycled paper) is carefully constructed to minimise waste. So, the next time anyone considers purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, it truly pays to approach the experience like they would a new car – buy on looks, buy on technology, and buy on durability. Make that purchase a SEBO vacuum cleaner, and rest assured you’ve bought the very best that money can buy.