General Maintenance


SEBO products are built to last and should provide years of trouble-free use. However, a little simple maintenance is recommended to get the best performance from your SEBO vacuum cleaner and avoid repairs which may not be covered by the guarantee. Please follow these simple steps and watch the Troubleshooting Videos.


Cables can easily be damaged by incorrect use which is not covered by the guarantee, yet a few simple precautions can reduce, or even eliminate damage altogether.

  • When winding on the cable after use, leave a little slack where it exits the handle, otherwise the constant tension over time will fray the internal cable filaments. Also, always unplug first then wind from the machine and work towards the plug, otherwise it will corkscrew up.
  • Never run over the cable, or tug on it when it is trapped by furniture.
  • Never let the cable yank the vacuum cleaner as this will break the internal cable filaments.

cable maintenance


The filters let the vacuum breathe. If they get dirty, performance will suffer and eventually the motor may be damaged.

  • When replacing the bag, please check all filters. If they are dirty, please replace them. Only use genuine bags and filters.

filter maintenance


SEBO bags retain harmful and unpleasant material for hygienic disposal and protect the machine.

  1. Use only genuine SEBO bags as these are carefully designed for optimum performance and longevity of SEBO vacuum cleaners.

bag maintenance


The brush roller bristles comb the pile and lift away the dirt and fibre. Inevitably, like brushing hair with a hair brush, long hairs/fibres can get trapped on the brush. Eventually this will affect performance.

  1. Regularly check the brush roller. If hair or fibre is wrapped around it, use a pair of scissors to cut them along the brush roller between the rows of bristles. Use the crevice nozzle attached to the hose to suck off the cut hair.
  2. brush roller maintenance