SEBO DISCO Polisher Head

Ideal for maintaining high gloss smooth floors, the SEBO Disco is as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner. The high speed rotation of the disc pad and the vacuum from the suction unit mean that the Disco polishes and cleans at the same time.
The DISCO polisher attachment, supplied with the blue floor polisher pad, is the perfect choice to maintain hard floors, making them easy to clean, longer lasting and giving them a beautiful gloss finish. Because the DISCO fits to the suction part of the FELIX it will vacuum and polish at the same time. The powerful suction removes fine particles leaving the floor dust-free, whilst the highly efficient 2000U/min ultra high speed floor polisher creates a brilliant gloss surface. The result is a spotlessly clean floor which shines.
  • User friendly design
  • Innovative technology for perfect results
  • Easy movement
  • Automatic floor adjustment
  • Wall and furniture protection