Bella Hope Diffuser - Seychelles

An indulgent blend of beach flowers, white sands and romantic coconut. Sweet juicy top notes of orange blend effortlessly into a creamy heart of jasmine, frangipani flowers and tuberose closing on a soft base of fresh coconut water, vanilla pods and white seashells.

Beautifully Crafted

Designed to enhance your space sensually and visually. Our contemporary black diffusers with a solid metal lid shouts modern day luxury.

Premium Reeds

Our premium thick fibre reeds allow for high-performance fragrance throw. They are designed not to clog and to give a controlled rate of fragrance release.

Signature Scents

Crafted with the finest ingredients, our bespoke diffusers will take you on a scented journey around the world offering pure olfactory pleasure.

Lasts for approx. : 3-6 months

Weight : 200ml / 7oz ℮

Hand-poured in the UK


Directions for use

Unscrew the metal cap before removing the inner stopper from the vessel. Replace the cap and arrange the reeds allowing them to absorb the oil. Allow several days before a full aroma is achieved. Turn the reeds periodically to ensure the best scent throw avoiding drips or spillages. Always place on a protective plate avoiding contact with furniture and fabrics.