Carpet Cleaning


If you have the misfortune to spill or drop something on your carpet clean it up immediately, as this can help stop a spill becoming a stain.

Spot cleaning – top tips

Carpet Cleaning
  1. Take action immediately on discovering the stain. The longer it is left, the harder it is to remove.
  2. Soak up liquids using white kitchen roll or white toilet roll. Using coloured material could further stain the carpet. Keep blotting until nothing appears on the paper when pressure is applied.
  3. Use a spoon to scrape off solids. The more solids (and liquid) that can be removed, the more effective the cleaning chemicals can be.
  4. Always work from the edge of the stain inwards.
  5. If you don’t at first succeed –the stain may still be removed by repeating the cleaning process over the course of a few days.

Most stains can easily be removed by SEBO Duo-P. However some may need a different treatment. Scorch marks, eg from a sparking fire, can be removed by scraping with a knife or coin. Wax can be removed by using absorbent paper and a hot iron (please note that care is required not to get the carpet too hot).

Carpet Cleaning

The requirement for cleaning is much reduced if the preventative steps outlined above are taken. However eventually it will become necessary. Most soiling types can be removed by brushing in SEBO Duo-P cleaning powder with a SEBO upright, or DUO brushing machine. However, if the soiling is very bad, or involves difficult to remove stains, please contact a reputable professional cleaning organisation, such as those below:

For more help

If you need a professional carpet cleaner, please use one affiliated to a professional body such as the National Carpet Cleaners Association, or a WoolSafe Certified Operator. WoolSafe also has online advice on stain removal. If you are considering purchasing a carpet, or want general advice, The Carpet Foundation is a good source of information.

duo•P One idea – many advantages

A cleaning system with no unpleasant odours, no waiting time for drying, no shrinkage, just excellent results. Endorsements from the GAF allergy research centre in Germany and The British Woolsafe Organisation make duo-P the intelligent choice for those with dust allergies or wool carpets.

duo•P is made from thousands of micro-sponges. As duo-P is brushed into the carpet pile or upholstery fibres, a cleaning solution in the sponges dissolves the dirt which is then removed when the duo-P is vacuumed out.


For effective spot, carpet and upholstery cleaning – without water. The DUO’s contra-rotating brushes open up the carpet pile and allow the duo-P carpet cleaning powder deep into the carpet pile and around all of its fibres for optimum cleaning results.