Regular Maintenance and Care

Colour is very important to achieve the desired look for the home, but the choice of colour can affect care and maintenance. Light coloured carpets, especially white ones, will mark very easily and conversely fibre will show up on black carpets. The optimum colours for long term appearance are mid to darkish browns or ones with a speckled pattern.

New carpets

With a little care and attention you will be able to greatly prolong the life of your carpet and keep it looking its best. Many people believe that when a carpet is new it should not be vacuumed. In fact you should vacuum straight away. You may be surprised how much fibre is vacuumed out and your carpet may also "shed" fluff for some time after fitting. This is caused by short lengths of loose fibre left over from the manufacturing process and is not the carpet disappearing! When a new cut pile carpet is vacuumed sometimes a few single tufts or loose ends stand above the pile. This is called sprouting and is quite normal. Tufts that are longer than the others are compressed in the pile and are lifted up by vacuuming. They should be trimmed off with a pair of scissors. Don't pull them as this could damage your carpet.

Carpet Care


Dirt and tiny pieces of grit from outside become trapped in the carpet pile. As the carpet is walked on these particles are crushed against the fibres and can cause premature wear. Entrances and other heavily used areas should ideally be vacuumed daily. Other areas need less attention but should still be vacuumed weekly.

Entrance mats*

Keeping soil away from your carpet is recommended to maintain its appearance and value. Use entrance mats to remove dirt and grit before it comes into the home. This not only keeps your carpet looking cleaner, it also helps protect the fibres from abrasion and dulling. Entrance mats need to be large enough that a few steps are taken on them when entering the home. Vacuum them regularly and if necessary clean them with a product such as SEBO Duo-P to ensure they do not become a source of dirt.


Consider using rugs in areas that receive particularly high wear, such as in front of chairs or sofas. People shuffling their feet when sitting can damage the pile of the carpet causing wear, flattening and dullness. This effect, known as "TV shuffle", can be prevented using rugs.


Outdoor shoes will bring in dirt, tear at the pile of your carpet, and being hard soled, crush the pile against any hidden grit –causing much greater wear than indoor slippers.


Carpets can be discoloured and even damaged by exposure to direct sunlight. Protect them by closing curtains or placing a light coloured rug over the exposed area and avoid choosing carpets with any red colouration for a sunny room.

* Some rubber backed mats contain softeners to keep the backing flexible. This chemical can permanently stain your floor, an effect knows as anti-oxidant staining. Use a non-staining vinyl backed mat or a rug that is colourfast.