The Which? reliability survey has recognised SEBO as the best overall brand for upright vacuum cleaners. The Which? experts explained that the “machines will leave your floors spotlessly clean. Not only are they outstanding at removing dust from carpets and hard floors, they also excel at banishing pet hair.”

The 37 year old German company is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional upright vacuum cleaners so it’s no surprise that SEBO scored a reliability score of 92% for the Felix and X Series upright vacuum cleaners.

The Felix boasts a flexible flat-to-floor cleaning head which makes it easy to clean under and around furniture. Each model boasts an adjustable telescopic handle and integrated hose and you can select variable power settings; choose from 300 watts which is great for vacuuming delicate items with the hose, to 1300 watts for true force. The machines feature brush-height control too; you can choose between gentle to deep brushing as desired.

With unique on-board computer technology and a user-friendly design, every X series model provides the ultimate in effective and intelligent floor cleaning. This computer-control system measures brush action on the floor and, in conjunction with a servo motor, moves the brush to the appropriate height for optimum cleaning.

Both ranges feature the super-efficient S-Class filtration system which meets the demanding requirements of asthma and allergy sufferers with ease, as the fine dust particles are firmly retained inside the machines and not released into the air. The vacuum cleaners also boast the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.