The family home can be a busy place with children to look after, pets running around and friends and family visiting. With such a hectic lifestyle, the housework needs to be an easy task! When it comes to vacuuming, SEBO’s dazzling white D4 Premium vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice.

The high-quality, cylinder vacuum cleaner boasts ultra-efficient filter technology that delivers an unbeatable cleaning performance. Lightweight at only 6.7kg, the ergonomic body is designed to easily navigate obstacles whilst the patented AIRBELT bumper system absorbs impacts and protects your furniture.

Clever features such as a cone-shaped hose improves suction and prevents blockages, while the machine has space for a convenient and hygienic extra-large, six-litre bag. What’s more, the automatically-rewindable 12m power cable, together with the hose and telescopic tube, provide an impressive 15.5m cleaning range, ideal for awkward corners and stairs.

The D4 Premium’s power head has an electronic guidance system which indicates the correct height setting for optimum cleaning performance. The brush can also be manually switched off, if needed, making it suitable for delicate floorcoverings. The machine comes with the SEBO Vario KOMBI which is a multi-purpose combination head suitable for hard flooring and carpet, especially wool-loop.

The D4 Premium also has a power control on the hose handle and a slick LED light to indicate the suction level, so you can easily change the settings for wooden floor, carpet, upholstery, rugs and curtains.

The D4 Premium is part of the SEBO D Collection and is available from a variety of independent retailers nationwide and costs £379.96.