Carpet manufacturer Heckmondwike FB, a leading manufacturer of heavy contract fibre bonded carpet and carpet tiles, recommends that SEBO vacuum cleaners are used to get the best performance and life expectancy from its carpets.

Abby Chandler, Marketing Manager at Heckmondwike FB, comments, “To maximise Supacord’s aesthetic appeal, performance and life expectancy, it is important to vacuum every day with a twin-motored upright vacuum cleaner. If left to build up, the particles of dirt are much harder to remove which can damage the fibre structure and decrease the life of the carpet. We recommend SEBO commercial vacuum cleaners as they have the power and performance to clean carpets like Supacord effectively.”

The SEBO DART vacuum cleaner provides a powerful performance and is the ultimate lightweight, versatile, easy-to-manoeuvre commercial upright vacuum cleaner. Boasting a “Flex” neck and an on-board hose, the vacuum cleaner is designed to meet the demands of commercial cleaning. The DART is available in two brush widths – 31cm and 37cm. SEBO’s UHS polisher, which is an add-on to the DART, is the perfect way to keep hard floors looking great with a brilliant gloss shine.

SEBO’s BS range of commercial uprights has been designed with the flat-to-floor design and telescopic tube system that provides all round cleaning versatility. The BS 36 and 46 twin motor uprights are extremely cost efficient and economical to maintain. They incorporate changeable brush strips, low cost bags and filters, modular construction and readily available parts.

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