SEBO’s professional range of vacuum cleaners has been developed to suit commercial environments. The range includes the SEBO BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort, DART, Professional D8 cylinder and UHS polisher.

The SEBO BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort upright vacuum cleaners provide superior performance, outstanding reliability and are easy to maintain. The comfortable handle grip and low handle weight allow for easy, efficient movement while the 175W brush motor turns off when the machines are upright. The flat-to-the-floor design and telescopic tube system add to the overall cleaning flexibility while the electronic guidance system advises the correct brush height, will warn when the brush strip is worn out and will switch off the brush motor in the case of an obstruction to the brush.

Meanwhile, the Professional D8 machine takes cylinders to a new level. The superbly engineered machine offers exceptional performance combined with an ergonomic design, large capacity and quiet, economic operation. The SEBO kombi multi-floor cleaning head has a double-jointed neck for easy movement while the AirBelt bumper protects walls and furniture from marking and damage.

Another option is the SEBO DART upright vacuum cleaner which offers powerful performance while being lightweight, versatile and easy-to-manoeuvre. The vacuum cleaner boasts a "Flex" neck, S-Class filtration, an on-board hose, a crevice nozzle, 4-level height adjustment and auto shut-off. When the DART is detached from the power head, the machine is transformed into a powerful suction machine which makes cleaning curtains, for example, very easy.

Finally, the UHS polisher is an essential add-on to the Dart vacuum cleaner; this can restore and keep hard floors, including solid wood, marble, vinyl, linoleum or granite, super sleek. The polisher is embedded with micro-diamonds in the pads. This polishes out imperfections in the floor creating a smooth gloss finish.