Ever considered how you would get your home looking its best without your trusted vacuum cleaner to hand? Luckily the days of hanging rugs over a line to beat out the dirt are long gone and keeping the floors in your home looking fabulous is easier than ever before with the right vacuum cleaner.

Since the first motorised design was created by British engineer, Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901, vacuum cleaner technology has come a long way. Booth’s first petrol-powered, horse-drawn cleaner used air drawn by a piston pump through a cloth filter with impressive pioneering results and, once he gained the Royal seal of approval, his designs were even used to clean the carpets of Westminster Abbey prior to Edward VII‘s coronation in 1901. The vacuum cleaner has never looked back as technology has developed tenfold over the last 100 years with handheld, cylinder and upright designs taking centre stage for their ergonomic, intuitive and time saving practicalities.

SEBO, the expert in floorcare, has played an important part in this evolution of vacuum cleaner technology and today its revolutionary designs are some of the world’s best-selling machines. Founded in 1977 in Germany, SEBO is credited as producing the first commercial upright vacuum cleaner, for example, and today is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial upright designs in over 20 countries.

Many features that are now second nature in many vacuum designs seen across the market were first introduced by SEBO, including the upright integrated hose and the electrostatic micro filters that provide efficient and fuss-free cleaning. With these reassuring facts to mind, it is good to know that when you buy a SEBO you are buying a quality vacuum cleaner you can trust.