A recent survey by SEBO shows that 83% of us change our vacuum bags monthly; while 4% change them weekly.* Make sure you are getting the best from your SEBO vacuum cleaner though by using SEBO’s own bags; don’t go for copycat imitations. SEBO bags fit perfectly with no hassle or mess. They are specially designed to maximise the performance, longevity and reliability of your machine; and your guarantee is not valid if you use others. SEBO bags use the latest technology, multi-layer, micro-fibre construction which harnesses electro-static attraction to combine high filtration and fade-free performance. The high filtration design enables longer life for filters, preventing fine dust and other contaminants from entering the machine and causing unseen damage to bearings and other components. An integrated sealing lid makes SEBO bags more hygienic to handle and, most importantly, they are the correct size for the machine. And on the same subject, don’t be tempted by bagless machines; the dust and waste is not enclosed and will fly everywhere when you are trying to empty it – not great for allergy sufferers or the floor! SEBO offers a choice of upright and cylinder vacuums so there is a design for all floor types. They are backed by a five-year parts and labour guarantee.