SEBO Felix

SEBO vacuum cleaners are not just for floors; they are also ideal for keeping your soft furnishings spick and span.

The people at SEBO understand that keeping your soft furnishings clean is important so a range of attachments for these tasks has been developed. When it comes to cleaning sofas, mattresses and cushions, the crevice nozzle and upholstery brush is ideal. Then the dusting brush makes cleaning televisions, window blinds, stereos and lamp shades easy. The extension tube makes it effortless to clean awkward spaces and reach ceiling corners. Radiators are cleaned using SEBO’s radiator brush while, if you have textured walls or ceilings, the floor and wall brush is ideal for rapid dusting.

SEBO’s anti-allergy designs boast a triple microfilter S-Class system and sealable multi-layer bags ensure that no dust escapes from the machines.

When you are looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner, find out if the suction control is variable so the power setting can be changed for the task in hand. For example, you might want to turn the power down for vacuuming a lamp shade and then turn the power up for cleaning the floor.

SEBO offers a range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners that are available in a range of colours and styles to suit your home and requirements.All SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners come with a five-year parts and labour guarantee. SEBO vacuum cleaners cost from £149.50.