Whether you have a busy family home with children and pets or an apartment with a pale, neutral décor, keeping the carpets clean can be an ongoing challenge. However, SEBO has the perfect answer.

Not content with manufacturing the world’s most effective vacuum cleaners, SEBO also offers the outstanding Duo-P carpet cleaning powder. Duo-P not only removes stains, it has anti-bacterial properties and eliminates dust mite allergens for up to six months – making it a great choice for asthma suffers.

Consisting of thousands of micro-sponges, which contain a safe alcohol based solvent for greasy soiling, a neutral shampoo for non-greasy soiling and an anti re-soilant to keep carpet cleaner for longer, Duo-P’s innovative ingredients knock spots off any spray stain removers.

Furthermore, because it’s a dry formula, there are no soggy carpets to deal with afterwards.

For those who like their home to smell as good as it looks, SEBO has perfumed capsules called SEBO Fresh capsules, simply pop one into the vacuum cleaner bag to provide a fresh scent every time the vacuum is used.

SEBO’s Duo-P costs £8.95 per box, with refills at £4.96 for a 500gm bag. A pack of five SEBO Fresh capsules costs £2.95. Duo-P and Fresh capsules are available to buy at or from SEBO retailers nationwide.