National Pet Month (1 April – 5 May 2014) celebrates the positive impact that pets have on our lives.

However, as much as we love them, when it comes to cleaning our homes, we often wish our friends weren’t quite so furry! Pet hair is easy to banish with SEBO’s Pet range of vacuum cleaners. There are three super-stylish black and silver machines – the X4 Pet, K1 Pet and Felix Pet.

The vacuum cleaners offer an outstanding performance along with being easy to use and manoeuvre. The upright X4 Pet boasts a charcoal odour filtration to remove pet odour and an internal computer control system which optimises performance by ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height.

Features of the cylinder K1 Pet include a floor turbo brush which is ideal for deep-pile carpets, a compact stair and upholstery turbo brush, and an air-belt soft bumper system that will protect furniture and door frames.

The upright Felix Pet has a clever swivel neck for steering round obstacles (and pets), a suction unit which can be detached from the power head and used as a cylinder, and suction power adjustment in the handle. This machine also boasts charcoal odour filtration.

The SEBO Pet vacuum cleaners all feature SEBO’s super-efficient S-Class filtration system that has earned the range the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.