Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery yet there is no substitute for the real thing. By using genuine SEBO vacuum cleaner bags, you can ensure you get a thorough SEBO clean. Manufacturers design their own vacuum cleaner bags to fit their own machines, so these are always the best to use. Genuine bags are specially designed to maximise the performance, longevity and reliability of a machine. Using SEBO bags in a SEBO machine upholds the manufacturer’s guarantee and keeps your machine working safely and effectively. Genuine bags guarantee quality vacuuming so it’s important to watch out for imitation bags which are disguised to look the same. The genuine bags will fill right to the top saving you money on replacing them. SEBO bags, for example, have a three-layer construction where the inner layers are made of specially treated non-stick paper. The high filtration design enables longer life for filters, preventing fine dust and other contaminants from entering the machine and causing unseen damage to bearings and other components. An integrated sealing lid makes SEBO bags more hygienic to handle and, most importantly, they are the correct size for the machine. All this means that the long-term, quality-assured and cost-saving benefits of a genuine SEBO bag are simply too good to miss.