New from SEBO, the BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort upright vacuum cleaners have been developed to offer key benefits to users and owners. Ease of use and simple servicing, coupled with improved pick up and very high build quality, make the new models ideal for the rigorous demands of commercial cleaning.

A four wheel chassis ensures that the new BS Comfort machines are easy to push, while the powerful 175W brush motor turns off when the machines are upright. The cleaning performance is enhanced as the brush roller sits in a closed brush tunnel which, with the aid of high speed camera technology, has been optimised for airflow and pick up for both models.

Rugged and dependable for heavy-duty use over wide areas, the BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort are easy to service as the brush strip access cover is removable without tools and a trap door is incorporated to enable the machines to be easily unblocked. In addition, the rear base plate can be unscrewed for easy replacement. Importantly, the modular fitting of components means that servicing and repair is quick and easy. To ensure reliability and durability, areas which are likely to encounter extreme stresses are ‘over engineered’.

An electronic guidance system using LED lights advises the correct brush height and will warn when the brush strip is worn out. It will also switch off the brush motor in the case of an obstruction to the brush.