Take care of your vacuum so that it lasts longer. Check filters and bags regularly – at least once every six weeks – and keep the brush roller free from hair.

Always ensure the lead is fully extended before turning the vacuum on, never pull a vacuum by its lead and always unplug before winding the cable.

Vacuuming slowly is twice as effective as whizzing round! By taking it easy, you will do a much better job in less time.

Don’t use liquid shampoos on your carpets. The agent collects in the pile and builds up to attract more dirt and grime. Instead, use carpet cleaning powder which will absorb stains.

Make sure you use the right attachment for the job, especially on delicate flooring such as wool loop carpet.

It’s not just the floor that can be cleaned with a vacuum – use it to free curtains, lampshades, throws and sofas from dust.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are easy-to-use, provide an outstanding performance and are ideal for all floor types.