New Year! And so, the annual ‘clean up after Christmas’ begins; bits of tinsel, crumpled wrapping paper and needles from the tree linger perhaps longer than the relatives! A SEBO is a great start to your resolution list! Must get a good vacuum cleaner for 2016! The SEBO E1 cylinder vacuum cleaner is ideal for all sorts of homes, floors and debris…and there are lots more to choose from at Powerful, effective and extremely quiet to use, the SEBO E1 boasts a host of impressive features, including a retractable cable that winds in at the touch of a button, an airbelt bumper to protect your walls and furniture, plus an intelligent motor that senses overheating and turns the motor down accordingly. The durable stainless steel tube can be easily adjusted to make cleaning more comfortable, not just for you but for anyone in your household. This sleek machine doesn’t just get the job done in a swift effective manner; it also fits into the décor of your home perfectly with its stylish red colour.