SEBO Felix Royale

With a bold and bright Union Jack design, SEBO’s Felix Royale vacuum cleaner is the perfect stylish, practical souvenir to mark the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics this year.

Boasting the UK’s red, white and blue colours, the Felix Royale is the new addition to SEBO’s popular Felix range. The smart, efficient and powerful upright vacuum cleaner is easy-to-use and gives you excellent results.

The Felix Royale’s slimline body features the clever SEBO flexible neck which makes it easy to steer around fixtures and furnishings at home. Its L-shaped head cleans right up to edges and will vacuum under radiators so every inch of floor space is preened to perfection. The advanced S-Class Filtration system makes it ideal for allergy sufferers too.

The design also goes flat to the floor which makes it a breeze to clean under heavy furniture items too. And with its easy-to-adjust brush height control, you can switch to vacuuming delicate rugs in an instant.

The intelligent design of the Felix Royale features a comfortable carrying handle and long 9.5m cable which saves hassle of changing sockets when you’re navigating around the house. The machine has a ready-to-use hose with extra-long crevice nozzle which makes it easy to clean awkward spaces and makes reaching curtain pelmets and ceiling corners a cinch.

The Felix Royale also features a telescopic handle that can be adjusted for the best grip and stored neatly when not in use – not that you would want to hide anything as attractive as the Felix Royale away, of course.

The new Felix Royale vacuum cleaner by SEBO costs £249.95 and is available nationwide.