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  1. Cord v cordless vacuum cleaners?

    Small, compact and handy to use, cordless vacuum cleaners are seen over our TV channels and social media and there is no doubt that they have a place in the cleaning arsenal. However, they are not a replacement for a powerful corded vacuum cleaner in a busy house. Cordless vacuum cleaners use rechargeable batteries to power them. These batteries, which are generally lithium-ion, have undoubtedly improved but they still lack the ability to supply the power needed to enable cordless products to match the performance of a corded, mains-operated machine when it comes to sucking up dust and dirt. More frustratingly, the need to recharge batteries means the cleaner is not always available. When the battery dies, there is no alternative but to stop cleaning, plug in and wait. Full charging times can vary from two to a lengthy sixteen hours. Examples of cordless vacuum cleaners include small handheld cleaners and stick-like models more akin to traditional vacuums in design. Running times

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  2. SEBO’s X7 Pet - for optimum performance, automatically

    SEBO’s brand new X7 Pet vacuum cleaner combines excellent performance with ease of use; perfect for picking up pet hairs around the house. A powerful on-board computer measures brush action and adjusts the cleaning head for the best results, completely automatically. The X7 Pet can go flat for reaching under furniture and, together with an integrated hose and wand system, gives all round cleaning ability. The X7 Pet features a SearchLight to see into poorly lit areas such as under sofas and also has a boost function for an even deeper clean when required. The Computer Control System optimises performance, ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height for easy cleaning and long carpet life. However, for a deeper clean, for example with stubborn pet hair, just press the performance boost button for extra pile lifting power. Other innovative and practical features include cassette style brush roller removal, an integrated wand, an extra-long hose system for stair c

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  3. SEBO’s E3 Premium ePower is the ultimate cleaning machine

    The SEBO E3 Premium ePower vacuum cleaner is perfect for all homes and all types of today’s floorcoverings. With its compact shape, lightweight design and low level noise, the SEBO E3 Premium vacuum cleaner is the ultimate in easy, effective cleaning. This anti-allergy model comes with a SEBO Kombi multi-purpose professional cleaning head and a powerful SEBO ET-1 electric power head which removes trapped dirt and persistent pet hairs, among other detritus and bugs, resulting in immaculate floor surfaces. The soft Airbelt bumper system provides protection for walls and furniture while the easy-glide castors ensure an effortless, smooth vacuuming experience. The model offers a suction boosting tapered hose with a lightweight telescopic tube which is easily adjusted to a suitable length for the user.

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  4. SEBO vacuum cleaner earns its stripes at London’s Block Universe arts festival

    SEBO’s upright vacuum cleaner technology will take centre stage at the free-to-attend Block Universe festival in London over this bank holiday weekend. 

    London’s Block Universe arts festival

    On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May, SEBO’s amazing brush action will be used to prepare a unique live installation by New York based artist and choreographer, Maria Hassabi.

    The SEBO professional vacuum cleaner is creating stunning stripes on a 40-square metre shocking pink carpet that forms an integral part of Maria’s dance performance.

    Hassabi will be performing on the SEBO stripes between 11am and 7pm each day at London’s newest cultural hub, The Store X on the Strand. Making her debut in the UK, her breakthrough live installation of movement is part of the popular

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  5. Best Floorcare Product of the Year at the IER Awards 2018

    We are very proud to announce that the SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 PET ePower is the winner of the IER Best Floorcare Product of the Year 2018; beating well known cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners in its category. It shows that cabled and bagged SEBO machines are the best vacuum cleaners for providing quality and reliable all round cleaning for your home.

    A SEBO cabled vacuum cleaner provides 100% power, 100% of the time.


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