Vacuum cleaning specialist, SEBO, continues its commitment to charity work by donating two vacuum cleaners to Medical Detection Dogs. The charity trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease through samples such as breath and swabs. At the forefront of research, the charity is leading research into the battle against cancer and assisting people with life-threatening diseases. SEBO knows how important it is to have a vacuum cleaner which is efficient and reliable; especially with pets in the home. Imagine having multiple dogs to clean up after like the staff at Medical Detection Dogs! That’s why SEBO has donated two brand new vacuum cleaners, an upright 300 Evolution and a cylinder Airbelt E1, to assist the charity in maintaining cleanliness in their facilities. The professional 300 Evolution cleans flat to the floor and has powerful brush action to clean up pet hair with ease. The Airbelt E1, which is most commonly used in a domestic setting, has an anti-allergen design and c

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