Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. SEBO’s range of upright vacuum cleaners designed for super-efficient one pass cleaning in commercial environments

    One pass cleaning — using an upright vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean a floor using a series of parallel sweeps rather like mowing a lawn – hugely improves productivity. The rotating brush adds mechanical cleaning to suction power, massively improving pick up of fibre, hair and heavy particles. It also grooms carpet pile for a visible enhancement. SEBO’s professional range of upright vacuum cleaners has been developed to suit all commercial environments where time and cost efficiencies are obviously key. The ability to perform one pass vacuuming is the inherent feature of an upright model as opposed to a cylinder. The essence of vacuuming is the combination of energy and mechanical action. With an upright, the operator need only guide the machine along the floorcovering at a normal pace – once. The machine does the work quickly and so the job is completed efficiently with resultant cost and time savings. SEBO’s impressive upright range includes the BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort, the DART,

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  2. SEBO vacuum cleaners are the top choice for top carpet manufacturers

    After forty years at the top of the industry, it is hardly surprising that prestigious carpet manufacturers recommend SEBO as the vacuum cleaner brand to keep quality flooring in tip-top condition in both commercial and residential locations. SEBO is working in conjunction with the flooring industry – to help spread the message that regular vacuuming with the company’s models improves the appearance of and can significantly extend the life of carpets. Names such as Axminster, BRM, Brockway, Cavalier Carpets, carpet1st, Ulster Carpets, Wools of New Zealand and The Campaign for Wool, have approved SEBO models while endorsements and awards from Which?, the Good Housekeeping Institute and the British Allergy Foundation serve to reinforce the message of 100% confidence. And they are not only perfect for carpets; SEBO upright and cylinder models are proven on all types of flooring – wool and synthetic carpets and rugs, solid and engineered wood floors, laminates, ceramics, natural stone

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