The stylish SEBO X4 Pet Boost is designed for situations where more oomph may be required – pet hair is an example. All the user needs to do is press the boost button to enjoy a deeper clean from the extra pile-lifting power. The stylish super-sleek black and silver finish and streamlined profile hides the very latest vacuum technology. With its powerful 1100-watt high-performance motor, there is no escape for pet hair, dust and debris and, thanks to SEBO’s high performance, microfibre sealable ultra-bags, once anything has been picked up, it will never see daylight again. When it comes to allergy protection, the SEBO X4 Pet Boost is unbeatable. Its super-efficient S-Class filtration system meets the demanding requirements of asthma and allergy sufferers with ease as the fine dust particles are firmly retained inside the machine and not released into the air. The vacuum cleaner has earned the highly coveted British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval and takes filtration to a n

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