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  1. Top tips for purchasing the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home

    German engineering is revered as the best in the world; so choose a German-made vacuum cleaner for the cleanest home in the world! They are built to last, look fantastic and, thanks to their ergonomic design ‘drive’ like a dream! SEBO offers some handy top tips on what to consider when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. Upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner? Uprights are great for a large carpeted area as they are easy to manoeuvre whereas a cylinder could be considered for small areas with lots of furniture and hard floors. Many vacuum cleaners, however, can do both jobs as many houses have different floors. Also, take a look at the attachments and make sure your whole home is catered for (bear in mind you’ll be vacuuming furniture and curtains from time to time) and if you have pets or allergies, look at models designed to pull up more hair. What floorcoverings do you have in your home? It’s not just the difference between carpet or hard flooring; it’s the type of floori

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  2. SEBO’s E1 Plus is designed for power and practicality

    SEBO’s airbelt E1 Plus vacuum cleaner is compact, lightweight and incorporates an array of intelligent features. Designed to provide a smart and efficient clean, the model features an adjustable, stainless steel tube, a 1200W suction motor, a clever airflow design and a low noise level of 72 dB. An innovative feature to ensure a longer life for each vacuum cleaner, the SEBO Intelligent Motor Protection System prevents overheating by sensing when the motor is getting too warm and reducing the power to cool it down, all without compromising on efficiency. The airbelt bumper is a handy addition too; the user can navigate the machine around furniture and corners without marking or damaging them. The easy-glide castors allow the vacuum cleaner to move with ease with just the lightest pull. The SEBO airbelt E1 Plus vacuum cleaner is suitable for all floor types and comes with a SEBO KOMBI professional cleaning head.

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