Monthly Archives: February 2016

  1. 56% of people in the market for a vacuum cleaner are not influenced by the energy rating, says SEBO.

    A recent survey by leading vacuum cleaner specialist, SEBO, shows that 56% of people looking for a new model are not influenced by the energy rating label. More important is weight, looks, floorcovering compatibility and price. However, SEBO has ensured that the new ratings are indeed nodded to! Following EU energy label regulations, the latest designs in the Felix Eco range from SEBO have been awarded ‘A’ energy ratings. The models in the Felix Eco collection, which includes the Navy, Pet, Rosso, Royale and Vogue vacuum cleaners, feature powerful, eco-friendly 700-watt suction motors. Due to the efficient airflow, the machines clean as effectively as ever before. SEBO offers a wide range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners. Pictured is the SEBO Felix Rosso Eco vacuum cleaner. All SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners come with a five-year parts and labour guarantee.

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  2. Cleaning up sale pricing By Justin Binks, Director of SEBO UK

    “Buyer beware” and “too good to be true” are the phrases that come to mind when one considers the way consumers are manipulated by certain vacuum cleaner manufacturers who regularly use the lure of ‘sale’ prices. Everyone likes a bargain and there is no reason why manufacturers and retailers should not use a sale to sell goods that are genuinely reduced from their normal price. The problem comes when the bargains that consumers think they are getting are not actual bargains but the result of fabricated price structuring. Strict government guidelines exist relating to sale pricing that attempt to protect consumers by ensuring price reductions are genuine. The most important point to note is that, broadly speaking, before prices can be reduced in a sale, an item must have been sold at the higher price for at least 28 consecutive days before the sale. In addition, the item must not be offered at the sale price for any longer than it was sold at the higher price. While adhering to

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  3. The ultimate care for floors in care homes and health centre’s – Justin Binks, MD SEBO UK.

    The biggest cost element in any cleaning operation in care homes and hospitals is the labour cost and this cost can only be reduced through an increase in productivity. With regard to vacuum cleaning, this requires moving away from cylinder vacuums and using upright machines which can clean a much greater area in any given time due to their wider floor heads and efficient operation. Also, they are likely to improve the quality of the cleaning, removing much more from the floor per pass of the floor head. The choice between carpet and hard wood floors can sometimes be tough but you need to think of the hygiene and cleanliness behind them. Carpeted floors give a feeling of luxury and comfort and reduce sound levels by absorbing noise. They also trap dust and dirt and need a tailored cleaning regime to keep them clean and of good appearance. At least, daily vacuuming is required with a rotating brush to agitate the pile and remove dust and fibre, with periodic deep cleaning with either

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