Monthly Archives: January 2016

  1. Cleaner frustration continues according to Justin Binks, MD of SEBO

    A year on and consumers are just as confused over EU rules governing the labelling and power of vacuum cleaners as they were when the requirements were introduced. Nothing has changed, except that manufacturers are attempting to sue either each other or the EU; and consumers are buying vacuum cleaners that they may be ultimately unhappy with. Often consumers are finding that vacuum cleaners, particularly cylinders, are harder to use than before. This is due to the fact that, to meet the EU requirements and achieve the pick up of dirt that is specified, manufacturers are making machines where the floorhead sticks to the floor. In reviews, where vacuum cleaners have been tested in ‘real world’ situations, this is a common problem. Anecdotally, retailers have seen an increase in returns on some manufacturer’s models because customers are finding the machines difficult to use and not performing as expected. Indeed, the level of customer dissatisfaction has led some retailers to stop

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  2. Cleaning up sale pricing By Justin Binks, Director of SEBO UK

    “Buyer beware” and “too good to be true” are the phrases that come to mind when one considers the way consumers are manipulated by certain vacuum cleaner manufacturers who regularly use the lure of ‘sale’ prices. Everyone likes a bargain and there is no reason why manufacturers and retailers should not use a sale to sell goods that are genuinely reduced from their normal price. The problem comes when the bargains that consumers think they are getting are not actual bargains but the result of fabricated price structuring. Strict government guidelines exist relating to sale pricing that attempt to protect consumers by ensuring price reductions are genuine. The most important point to note is that, broadly speaking, before prices can be reduced in a sale, an item must have been sold at the higher price for at least 28 consecutive days before the sale. In addition, the item must not be offered at the sale price for any longer than it was sold at the higher price. While adhering to

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