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The SEBO FELIX VOGUE ePower is designed to be suitable for all floor types; the power brush can be turned on or off and the SEBO KOMBI, or optional SEBO PARQUET can be fitted for optimum cleaning performance on any floor.


The SEBO FELIX VOGUE ePower offers professional performance for the home in a lightweight, versatile and easy to manoeuvre machine.

Innovation. The SEBO FELIX is designed to be suitable for all floor types; the power brush can be turned on or off and the SEBO Kombi Head, or optional attachments such as the SEBO Parquet Brush can be fitted for optimum cleaning performance on any floor. The turnable neck lets you steer around obstacles with ease. The handle height can be adjusted for comfort and is ideal for storage, whilst variable power lets you choose the optimum suction level. The power head can be removed at the push of a button for car cleaning or for stairs and the brush roller can be turned off for delicate floors. Other practical features include cassette style brush roller removal and an L-shaped head that can reach under radiators.

Performance. The high performance motors and the efficient air flow design combine to give outstanding cleaning results - which is why SEBO regularly comes top in independent tests.

Quality. Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners are constructed from the highest quality materials. Every SEBO vacuum cleaner is fully tested before it leaves the factory, so that you can be confident that in buying a SEBO, you are buying the best.

  • Highly manoeuvrable rotating swivel neck
  • Anti-allergy design
  • Hygienic, high performance 3.5L Ultra bag
  • Cleans flat to the floor
  • Handle height adjustment
  • Electronic variable suction power
  • 31cm L-shaped head for superior edge cleaning
  • Brush on/off control
  • Includes SEBO Fresh - Air Freshener, pack of 5
  • Good Housekeeping Institute Approval
  • S-CLASS filtration
  • Cassette brush
  • 5 year parts and labour domestic use guarantee
Colour Arctic White/Soft Grey
Construction High Grade ABS
Cleaning range 11m
Filterbag volume in machine 3.5l
Cleaning head width 31cm
Body weight 6.8kg
Suction motor 700W
Electronic motor/belt protection Yes
Overheating protection Yes
Integrated Hose Yes
Stair cleaning hose Optional
"Flex" neck Yes
Handle height adjustment Yes
Electronic variable suction power Yes
Electronic brush height guidance Yes
Brush motor on/off switch Yes
Filterbag change indicator Yes
Air-tight system Yes
Filtration S-Class
Ultra-Bag Sealable. Electrostatic microfibre fleece
Activated carbon odour filtration Optional
Crevice and upholstery nozzles Yes
Disco Polisher Optional
Dusting brush Optional
Stair & Upholstery Turbo Brush Optional
SEBO Parquet Optional
Floor Turbo Brush No
ET-1 Electric Powerhead Yes
Cut Pile Carpet* Yes
Wool Loop Carpet* With optional delicate floor brush/SEBO Kombi fitted
Hard floor* Yes
Pet hair* Yes
Carpet* Yes
Hard floor* Yes
Stairs and Upholstery* Yes

*This is a general guide only. Correct floor head/setting must be used. If in doubt please consult SEBO Customer Services or your flooring supplier.

"Reliable and durable; our last SEBO lasted 20 years!"

"Wanted a quality bagged cleaner."

"Tools stored on the machine."

"Good suction and good maneuverability."


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Customer Reviews

  • Performance
    Review by Boxofdelightson 18/07/2019
    I have had an older Felix vacuum for 12 years which sadly now no longer works so I bought Felix Vogue and this one is even more brilliant. Very reliable, good name and trustworthy. Sebo make is the Rolls Royce of vacuums!
  • Performance
    Great Purchase
    Review by Budon 21/03/2019
    We’ve been meaning to get a Felix for some time, already have an old X4 Extra but we’ve got three flights of stairs to lug it up and down, so when we saw a Felix on offer at Co-op Electrical at a great price, we got one. We can now leave the X4 on the top floor and use the Felix on the lower two. We’ve both been using the Felix, and find the powered brush, coupled with the variable speed control, to be really efficient on our carpets, - it just glides along very easily and picks up everything. The brushless head is great on the laminate kitchen floor with enough suction to pick up bits at the side of the head. I’ve found using it with the head removed and a crevice tool attached, it’s great for picking up my DIY detritus; or getting behind heavy furniture or the TV table, in amongst the cables. The long power lead also makes it easy to clean the car interior without having to use an extension lead. All in all an efficient and superb machine!
  • Quality
    Miele and cordless vacuum beater
    Review by A Chamberson 28/04/2018
    We've had a Sebo Felix in daily use for a good 10 years or so which bought after getting fed up with several Dysons which variously fell apart in short order and prior to that a Miele cylinder which was a pain to drag about and didn't have a powered head. I'm writing this review having been tasked with buying my mother-in-law a new vacuum suitable for a small cottage with nooks and crannies, parquet, carpets and carpeted stairs having contemplated going cordless for weight saving.

    I bought the Sebo Felix on the basis of Which! reviews regarding performance and ease of use as well as several comments saying how well made Sebos are. On receipt and in use for 10 years it's hard to fault the build quality. Nothing has broken off, no cables have frayed and the power head works a treat. So long as you change the bags regularly and stump up for new internal filters (available online from Sebo and elsewhere) every couple of years the Sebo does the job and it's still great at picking up dust, pet hairs, human hair and pollen.

    Compared to other uprights the Sebo Felix is more portable and easy to use. The body detaches from the head and it becomes a handheld like a Baywatch throw-in-the-sea float with a big handle that's easy to grip. That means it's a doddle vacuum stairs, curtains, on top of units and tops of doors but it could use an extension pipe if you have tall ceilings or dado rails to do - not a problem if you are chucking your old vacuum and it has extension pipes (or visit eBay/the local tip).

    The stair and sofa attachment is solid plastic and would benefit from a bit of soft plastic rubbing strip to tease out threads but since that's not available elsewhere it's a suggestion to manufacturers generally. The nozzle tool is standard and there's a brush available - useful for car shelves and dado rails. It also comes with a parquet floor tool but we've never used it as the power head is great.

    It is the power head that makes the Felix a 'Best Buy' since it turns the Felix into a powerful upright vacuum with none of the usual drawbacks since the body pivots on a ball on the power head and has a L-shaped front carrying the power brush. That means it's brilliant at getting around chair legs and under the shallowest of sideboards. Having spent the odd hour over many years stripping down a Dyson and my mother's '60's Hoover to get hair or carpet tassels out of the brushes or belt this is where the Sebo knocks spots off other vacuums - all you do is rotate the front of the power head 90 degrees to slide out the brush at which point you can snip off hair wrapped round it (we live in a "house of hair") and wash it under the tap. After 10 years or more it still has the same brushes and they still work. 'nuff said.

    So, if you are thinking of getting a cordless Bosch Athlet at half the weight bear in mind user reviews saying putting the tools on is fiddly and you have to dismantle it and use a shoulder strap to vacuum stairs. With the Felix you just step on the release button to release the body and uncoil the Flexi pipe and shove on a nozzle or stair tool. If you have several flights of stairs the good news is that the cable is long and has not creased or frayed over the years since it the handle to wrap it round is well designed.

    The only thing that has broken was a little orange flap on the bottom of the power head which can be opened to release balls of fluff, celloptape or the odd screw accidentally vacuumed up. And even then the reason for replacement was because I chipped the flap so the spring that holds it shut wasn't closing it completely.

    The Felix design appears to be unchanged over 10 years apart from the change from paper to cloth bags. That says to me Sebo got it right first time since nothing has fallen off and it cleans just as well as it did when new. It puts the purchase price into context with Dysons costing 50% more. The only cost is bags (buy in 20's) and filters every year or two which relative the to the performance gain over bagless vacuums (I've got one in my shop - good for hard floors but not carpets).

    Hope this helps.