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Fragrance Notes:

Sunshine, a fresh, fun-filled fragrance with top notes of bergamot, a heart of orange blossom, jasmine, plum and peach on a base of vanilla and blonde woods.


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Take a trip to St Tropez, the jet setters jewel nestled in the French Riviera. Luxuriate in the relaxed, almost decadent, atmosphere beloved of artists as much as aristocrats. You have arrived!

Take a relaxing walk along the coastline. Starting off with top notes of bergamot, you immediately feel at ease. Sailboats and stunning superyachts are peppered across the shining sea. Breathe in the sunshine and freshness of the salted air as you listen to the sea ripple on the shore. A pair of wine glasses clink nearby, and you feel a little more adventurous. You head inland. You smell the sweetheart of orange blossom as you meander through winding narrow streets, passing by designer shops and art galleries. Then you notice hints of jasmine, plum and peach. You see people dining on fresh Mediterranean cuisine at quaint, back-alley tables, laughing while they sip their fine wines. Your senses finally come to the candle's resting base of vanilla and blonde woods, and you get a sense for the cool vibe that defines this town. You come to sit down at your own table and order a glass of white.

A ta santé --to your health and vitality and plenty of fun in-between!

Beautifully presented in their own velvet bag, the candles come with an elegant lid and are set in a luxurious gold lined glass enhancing the beauty of the real flame.

Our Candles are,

  • 100% Cotton Braided Wick. Lead-free and hand straightened.
  • Made with 100% Organic Soy Wax for a clean and consistent burn.
  • Created with pure ingredients and a fusion of fine fragrances.
  • Burn Time : 50-60 hours approx. | Weight : 260g / 9.2oz ℮

Please read our Candle Care and Safety Instructions before using the candle.