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Fragrance Notes:

A decadent and opulent aroma filled with heady spices. Dominant notes of oud wood and luxury cognac, with sweet aromatic tobacco and smokey woods with undertones of spiced saffron and agarwood.


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The ancient port of Muscat, the beating heart of Oman, has been an Arabian trading post since antiquity. Framed by majestic mountains, a crystal-clear sky and deep blue sea, Muscat really is a hidden gem of the Middle East.

Our Muscat candle blends rich and woody scents with a perfect combination of heady spices, transporting you to an authentic Arabia full of Eastern delight.

Allow the opulent aroma of oud to take you on a magic carpet ride to a land of sunshine and sand. Enjoy your incredible view of both the mountains and shoreline around you. Swirls of fragrant smoke perfume the air with notes of sweet tobacco and exotic wood. Meander through vibrant souks and beautiful Mosques. See bold, rich, and decadent decor, and indulge in tempting delicacies that excite the tongue and ignite the senses. Finally, enjoy the candle's undertones of spiced saffron and agarwood as you allow yourself to be enthralled in the chore character of this multi-dimensional city--the sense of respectful modesty, its culture, and its intrinsic family values. Equal parts wholesome, adventurous, and characteristic, this candle is sure to bring you straight to the heart of Muscat each time you light it.

Beautifully presented in their own velvet bag, the candles come with an elegant lid and are set in a luxurious gold lined glass enhancing the beauty of the real flame.

Our Candles are,

  • 100% Cotton Braided Wick. Lead-free and hand straightened.
  • Made with 100% Organic Soy Wax for a clean and consistent burn.
  • Created with pure ingredients and a fusion of fine fragrances.
  • Burn Time : 50-60 hours approx. | Weight : 260g / 9.2oz ℮

Please read our Candle Care and Safety Instructions before using the candle.