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Just a few of the genuine comments we’ve received from our satisfied customers...

SEBO X Upright Range Testimonials

X1.1 ECO

"Had my last one over 20 years "
"To date I am very pleased at how the upright cleaner picks up, leaves carpets looking clean and smart. Easy to use. "
"This is every housewife’s dream. Performs 100% in every situation after all these years searching for an ideal cleaner. "
"Brilliant suction. I can see the difference and it also cleans my wood block flooring safely. "
"Impressed. Glides across carpet and picks up bits first time. "
" I ‘love’ this vacuum cleaner and now recommend it to everyone. The others fail miserably. "
"I am elderly and find the SEBO easy to use and it’s very efficient. "
"\"We had our last one over 20 years\" "
"Great to use and powerful but light enough to push – really pleased "
"Absolutely brilliant. Works wonders – makes cleaning almost pleasurable "
"As a cleaner I use many different vacuums. SEBO is my favourite. It does everything that is should – brilliantly! "
"A brilliant piece of machinery – keep it up – it’s every householder’s dream "
"Love using this cleaner….. makes life much easier…. easier to handle than most others….reliable and well made! "
"Light to carry, thankfully … "
"Carpets much improved since purchase "
"We used it for the first time on the worst ‘dog hair’ rug in the world! It cleaned so well that we laughed thinking how difficult it used to be!! "
"This is an excellent machine. A good looking, good performance vacuum cleaner! We think the best on the market! "
"Had the X1 before. Excellent vacuum. Have given to daughter. Didn’t want anything but the same again "
"I have been using a SEBO vacuum cleaner at my work for 5 years. Excellent cleaner "
"The new 1.1 is what we were looking for. It proves to be the best cleaner we have ever used! "
"Excellent machine "
"Over the past 45 years I have used several different vacuum cleaners. The SEBO automatic X1.1 is the best "
"Brilliant! "
"The best vacuum cleaner I have ever used. Brilliant! Makes life easier! "
"Just thrilled to have a machine that does what is promised "
"Have recommended to whole family who now have a SEBO machine! Excellent! "
"Excellent! "
"Excellent performance "
"Delighted with the performance, compact design and high quality "
"I have used my cleaner several times and I am very satisfied with it "
"I had my previous SEBO X1 for 12 years and due to allergies I have, I feel safer using my SEBO. I love them’’ "
"Brilliant performance’’ "
"The best vacuum cleaner we’ve ever had. The best thing to have been invented since sliced bread! "
"This is my second SEBO cleaner and the best vacuum I have ever owned in 25 years "
"The immediately evident quality and powerful efficiency inspire confidence in both longevity and use of this machine "
"I always recommend SEBO to family / friends. This is my third vacuum "
"Very good machine – Best make I have ever had & used "
"A very good vacuum cleaner! "
"Best vacuum cleaner around "
"Very satisfactory "
"Best vacuum cleaner make I have ever owned "
"Good all round cleaner. Takes up pet hairs completely "
"Best vacuum by far "
"The best carpet cleaner we have used in over 25 years "
"Trouble free. Very good cleaner "
"Bagless vacuum cleaners are dirty and do not clean any better than those with bags "
"Fantastic cleaner "
"We used this machine in a holiday cottage and were so impressed with it, we went a bought one! "
"Love it! A new looking carpet each time used "
"I suffer from asthma and arthritis so the vacuum is easy and dust free to move around "
"It is the best machine I have ever experienced "
"I wouldn’t buy any other cleaner and recommend it to everybody"
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"Best handling vacuum cleaner I have ever used. "
"Absolutely brilliant on dog hair – picked up stuff that Dyson had left. Quiet, efficient – most impressed. "
"Excellent product that out-vacuums it’s rivals. "
"A dream to use! "
"Love it! "
"Most reliable vacuum cleaner we have ever had. "
"Just brilliant. "
"Loving this machine!!! "
"Performance and reliability excellent "
"Flies along. Lovely long lead. Picks up in one go when I used to go over and over "
"This vacuum is fantastic! The more I use it, the better it seems! "
"Enjoying dust-free atmosphere at last. Super machine "
"A must for all households if you really and truly want the best for very little cost "
"Had my last one for 20 years "
"Love it! "
"It is even better than I hoped it would be "
"After first use – fantastic! "
"It’s brilliant – I love it! "
"I feel like a child with a new toy! The best I have ever had in 40 years "
"I am thrilled with the performance of this cleaner. It has far exceeded my expectations. ***** 5 star "
"Right height / weight – easy to use – most importantly, it does the job better than all past vaccums "
"Like everything about it. Very, very good at picking up cat hairs "
"No breakdown with original machine over 10 year period! "
"Fed up with inferior products. Wanted the best – so far completely satisfied "
"It is fantastic! I am over the moon with my vacuum "
"It cleans like a dream and is easy to use "
"The best designed vacuum I have ever had – quality and efficiency. Nice long wire, long hose & useful heads "
"Try this for size. My son is an IT Executive in a school. We brought a SEBO after school cleaners used one for 6 years up to 3 hours per night with no trouble. Good enough for me! "
"Impressed by effective packaging with very little waste "
"Brilliant machine all round "
"It is a huge improvement on any vacuum I have used before "
"Why did we not know about SEBO products before! "
"A relief to own a vacuum cleaner that is manoeuvrable, smooth gliding and with tools that stay in place "
"My old SEBO lasted for over 20 years. An outstanding vacuum cleaner. An obvious choice for me "
"Best cleaner we have ever had for dealing with dog hairs "
"You make marvellous vacuum cleaners and have excellent service & support staff "
"Brilliant cleaning (have tried all the rest, but this is the best!) "
"An excellent machine so far and a joy to return to a dust bag. (Emptying and cleaning vacuum cleaners with no dust bag is a nightmare and surely defeats any filter process that might be in place). The SEBO suction is also excellent and the tools very effective "
"Just very happy now when I do the vacuuming. SEBO has made my life easier "
"Very pleased to have had SEBO recommended to help with a dog and husband who suffers from asthma "
"Very pleased with quality and compactness of machine in general "
"I have 7 cats so you can imagine the amount of hair….This machine is just a dream to use "
"Pleased to use it as very little physical effort is required "
"We have used it a couple of times and it has surpassed all expectations. A superb product "
"Love it, feels real quality, something hard to find these days "
"Excellent product. The world’s best "
"Having assembled and used it for a few days, this is just the best vacuum I have ever used to date "
"Best cleaner I’ve had in 40 years. Fantastic! "
"Best machine I have used "
"Simply the best vacuum I have ever used "
"You don’t have to look at all the stuff you have sucked up, also come the time to empty, you don’t have to breathe it in! "
" Easy to use. Cleans well "
"Love it. Reminds me of my old Merc 500 SEC "
" My first use of the machine showed that it is a robust design "
"Very pleased with my choice "
"So good that I’ve bought a second for upstairs! "
"Far superior to my previous vacuums "
" Fantastic product, really pleased! "
"I love it! "
"Absolutely brilliant! "
"After using my new SEBO vac I will always buy SEBO from now on. It’s great! "
"Superb piece of German engineering "
"Working very well "
"Very compact. Goes under low items of furniture. Extremely easy to push "
"Very efficient vacuum. Great on carpet. Almost drives itself. Easy to use. Light "
"Love the way it picks up cat hair, etcetera and easy clean front roller. Very good all round "
"More than lived up to the reputation given to it "
"Delighted with the machine "
"Very pleased with the performance. Tools are easier to use. Cleans well "
"My SEBO is wonderful. The best vacuum cleaner I have ever purchased "
"Fully satisfied. Really pleased. Excellent! "
"Good quality product "
"Very impressed "
"Delighted with machine "
"It actually cleans up to the skirting board! "
"Brilliant – my carpets look almost new after using this vacuum cleaner "
"Great appliance. Second SEBO! "
"Very impressed so far "
"I am very pleased with my new machine and would recommend it to friends! "
"Delighted! "
"My new SEBO is better than any of my previous vacuum cleaners by far. I am most satisfied with it "
"Very satisfied by the way it cleans "
"Living up to expectations! "
"Husband likes to use it "
"I am more than pleased with this machine as with very bad heart it is so easy in every way for me to use. A real little gem, thank you for a wonderful and neat cleaner "
"A wonderful machine. Strong and workable tools. No need to vacuum mid stairway with heavy vacuum to clean carpet. An engineering genius "
"I am very happy with my vacuum cleaner "
"Fantastic suction even though lower wattage than many other models and therefore more economical "
"Without doubt the best vacuum cleaner on the market. Every home should have one "
"So far very good "
"Good for lifting cat hairs off carpets "
"A pleasure to use "
"Nothing but praise! "
"Having used several makes of upright cleaners, the SEBO appears to be superior in design and performance "
"Excellent! "
"I am very pleased with it! "
"I love it! "
"Joy to use! "
"The SEBO is great! "
"If only I bought this SEBO first! "
"I enjoy carpet cleaning now! "
"A brilliant cleaner "
"In 20 years I haven’t found a machine with beats the SEBO "
"Very pleased "
"It’s fantastic! Sucks up everything! "
"I cannot believe I have never heard of this machine. During the demo and ever since, I have heard nothing but positive feedback from so many! "
"Highly delighted with machine "
"Very impressed with overall performance "
"We are delighted with its results "
"Excellent machine "
"I think its great. Really pleased "
"Very pleased with performance "
"So far, wonderful! "
"Best on the market! "
"Previous SEBO lasted 13 years – no question really about buying a successor! "
"It’s great – I love it!’’ "
"Impressive. Does all it claims’’ "
"Love it! "
"So far so good. After first use my carpets look like new again. I hope it continues to live up to expectations "
"Superb…powerful "
"Still efficient after 10 years of hard work "
"It’s the best I’ve had so far in 30 years "
"Best vacuum I’ve ever used "
"Will recommend it to all my friends. Thank you! "
"Wonderful vacuum. I wouldn’t buy another make! "
"Very good product "
"Have had SEBO cleaners before and having tried others, could not wait to go back to a SEBO! "
"Cuts cleaning time in half as it leaves nothing on carpets "
"I own 2 large dogs and find the SEBO picks up all the dog hairs from carpet to floor tiles. I’m so pleased with both my SEBOs "
"The most efficient vacuum cleaner I have ever had "
"Extremely pleased with performance "
"The most ‘user friendly’ machine…..brilliant! "
"I wouldn’t want any other make now that I’ve had a SEBO "
"You produce a first class product "
"Absolutely delighted! "
"I might not have a Porsche in the drive but now I’ve got one in the utility room! "
"Fantastic, the best thing since sliced bread. I wish I’d had a SEBO years ago. I will spread the word! "
"Great for picking up cat and dog hair "
"It is fabulous! "
"I’m delighted with the product "
"My choice was justified and proved itself in all it claims. SEBO is the one I will buy from now on "
"Just fabulous. Wouldn’t choose any other make! "
"Brilliant. Simplicity itself! "
"Hope it goes forever! "
"I am very impressed and would recommend to anyone "
"It’s great! "
"Best vacuum I have ever owned! "
"The best vacuum on the market "
"Excellent value for money. My last machine lasted for many years and gave great performance "
"Well worth the money "
"Very, very pleased with this machine. No complaints at all! "
"Bravo SEBO! "
"Our old one is still going fine after 17 years. I have given it to our daughter! "
"Outstanding in eert wat. No other machine we have had has been nearly as good as SEBO "
"I am thrilled with my SEBO "
"I am very impressed with my new vacuum. It’s almost as good as having a new car and it takes pride of place in our home "
"SEBO keeps the carpet really clean "
"Consistent suction even as bag fills "
"I have had my previous machine for over 14.5 years and it has always worked brilliantly "
"I am absolutely delighted with it "
"Best cleaner on the market by a mile "
"Knew it would be a vast improvement on previous vacuum cleaner "
"Very good model. Best upright on market , especially if you are disabled "
"Best one I’ve had …so light "
"Easy to assemble "
"Love it! – best ever! "
"I think this machine is all I could ask of a cleaner "
"SEBO is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had! "
"My sitting room & kitchen are now dust and pet hair free. First time in ages! "
"Only had it 3 weeks and convinced it is the best vacuum I have ever used! "
"I am delighted with this cleaner in every respect "
"Had previous SEBO for 15 years. Wouldn’t choose anything else"
"Fantastic in all areas. Best cleaner I have had and I’m 77 yrs. So easy to use. "
"A wonderful machine. The best vacuum I have ever used. "
"It has much better sweeping power than my two Dysons. Carpet looks far cleaner now! "
"It’s good to have a vacuum that actually works! "
"After years of cheap vacuum cleaners my house finally looks as though it has been vacuumed. "
"What a brilliant machine, thank you. A pleasure to use and excellent guarantee. "
"It’s the best cleaner I have ever purchased. "
"So much quieter, lighter and easier to move around than the Dyson. "
"You have thought of everything. Excellent features as mentioned, easy to handle and a dream machine. "
"Compared to Dyson – Just no comparison – well recommended. Dyson continually in repair. "
"Love it. Far, far better than a Dyson. It goes under radiators and cupboards. It’s lighter, you empty a lot less, will highly recommend. "
"Excellent Machine, well designed and user friendly. Much better than a Dyson! "
"Copes effortlessly with pet hairs. "
"Cleans different floor coverings really well. "
"Extremely please with my SEBO, will never go back to bagless again. "
"The best vac in the world. "
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"Absolutely fantastic vacuum and we would not even think of buying any other but SEBO. "
"Carpets are free of dog hairs – 2 Border Collies which Dyson could not cope with!"


SEBO Felix Upright Range Testimonials


"Family are very impressed. Excellent design "
"Excellent! "
"Woman friendly "
"I love it my new SEBO! "
"It is the best thing I’ve had for years! "
"It has cleaned carpets that had been left dirty by other vacuum cleaners "
"Great little vacuum. I would recommend it to family and friends "
"Best vacuum I have ever owned "
"Great product. More power than our old machine "
"Thrilled to bits! "
"Brilliant vacuum cleaner "
"The best purchase I have made in a long, long time "
"Very impressed with this machine "
"Funky design and easy to use "
"We love the styling! "
"I love it, just what I have been looking for all these years! "
"Very clever design "
"Keep up the quality! Superb! "
"Brilliant. Straight out of the box. A well engineered and designed machine which does what the advert said "
"It picks up the bits other machines couldn’t "
"Brilliant "
"Confident. This machine will be ideal for us "
"Great vacuum! "
"Best vacuum cleaner ever had "
"Very good machine "
"I have had many years of absolutely trouble-free use from my SEBO cleaner "
"Very impressed so far! "
"Seems to live up to the promised performance. Very effective cleaning / pick-up "
"Think its great "
"We are delighted with our Felix SEBO as it really seems to pick up our cat hairs "
"Excellent machine "
"A real neat little machine!! "
"Pleased with performance "
"Well designed – streets ahead of other machines for usability "
"Its great!"
"Am pleased with machine – does the job I wanted very efficiently. Also like the slim powerhead – fits under furniture. "
"We love it!! "
"Excellent. Carpets look like new. "
"Love it "
"It’s very good "
"Love the Felix design. Like the manouvrability. "
"Excellent machine. "
"I have used SEBO Felix for just under two weeks and I love it, especially the swivel neck – easier for me (I have arthiritis in both wrists). "
"I’m so very impressed by this machine. It’s outstanding. "
" It’s great! The carpets look so much cleaner! "
"It is a very well made piece of machinery. "
"Having used the vacuum it’s fantastic, great suction, moveability. "
"Delighted with cleaner. "
"Very impressed! "
"Based on first use, it’s brilliant! "
"Fantastic machine. Really pleased with it so far "
"Very pleased with performance "
"Excellent – light and easy to use "
"Living up to my expectations "
"I have only used it once, but it is excellent and I can’t believe the difference! "
"Easily goes under objects where machine lies flat "
"Best vacuum cleaner I have ever had "
"Extremely pleased with this vacuum cleaner "
"Very pleased with its performance "
"An all round domestic engineer "
"Best vacuum I have ever had!! "
"Very pleased. Totally different & better than any previous cleaners "
"Happy I purchased it. Snazzy handle on the side. Very happy with performance "
"At last I have a cleaner that does everything I want it to do "
"Cleans brilliantly! "
"I’m very impressed with it! "
"Love using it. Would recommend a SEBO to everyone "
"I find this machine so superior to my previous one. It will be a joy to use "
"It’s a dream to use! "
"Absolutely love it! My vacuuming time has been halved since I no longer have to keep going over the same spot "
"Quiet, excellent suction & very versatile "
"I think this product is wonderful and I shall tell all my friends about it "
"Superb machine "
"It really does the job "
"Much easier to handle as I have a bad neck. Superb machine "
"It’s wonderful!! "
"Very good for dog hair & getting under beds & doing the stairs "
"My new SEBO just feels perfect … "
"My SEBO cleaner is excellent – it is light, efficient and a joy to use "
"I am delighted with it "
"It is brilliant! "
"My carpets look new after using SEBO Felix just once… "
"Love the design and colour and had raving recommendations from others! "
"Thrilled with it! "
"Love it! "
"I think the Felix is fantastic! "
"I work as a cleaning lady and use two of this make and find them the bet of any I use "
"Yes Felix is great. I’m 80 years of age. I should know! "
"My carpet cleaner supported my observation that Felix was a remarkable cleaner "
"I like the way it glides around corners "
"Great power & suction "
"Very pleased with vacuum cleaner – very powerful and fun to use "
"Fantastic product! "
"Very impressed! "
"Thank you! "
"A delight "
"Previously owned 2 others. Absolutely brilliant machines’’ "
"A lot of thought has gone into design and efficiency. I am delighted with SEBO’’ "
"Very good value for money’’ "
"Best cleaner on the market’’ "
"Excellent! SEBO rules!’’ "
"It is fabulous!!’’ "
"At 60 years of age and the prior owner of many vacuum cleaners, this little new addition is undoubtedly the best!’’ "
"Awesome – wonderful item! "
"Best cleaner used (in 45 years). Large house, fully carpeted’’ "
"Best vacuum cleaner on the market by far "
"Fanbloomintastic! My carpet changed colour and I haven’t had to dust for a week!’’ "
"I love it – thank you! "
"A very efficient and versatile compact cleaner. An excellent product "
"SEBO have always provided an excellent service… Parts are easily replaced and the machine is simple to operate "
"Best vacuum cleaner I have ever had "
"Excellent! "
"Absolutely fantastic performance! "
"Brilliant! Would recommend! "
"Brilliant! "
"A pleasure to use "
"Very pleased with purchase "
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"Even using the hose is easy. A very well designed machine! "
"Very pleased with the product, especially the stair cleaning gadget! "
"Wonderful "
"One try on the carpets – they look like new! "
"Sturdy and well made. Many features. "
"Superb! "
"Not only does it look great, it’s a fantastic vacuum cleaner. Great design features. "
"So far this is the best vacuum cleaner I have had and I have had many!! "
"Excellent. "
"Wish I’d bought it earlier! "
"Love it! "
"Fabulous machine. "
"Excellent machine. "
"Delighted with it. "
"Am delighted with it, very effective, cuts time vacuuming by 75% on old vacuum cleaner. "
"Having used it for the first time I am delighted – even cleaning stairs is easy."
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SEBO D Cylinder Range Testimonials





SEBO K Cylinder Range Testimonials


"First class, well tought out design for easy operation. "
"The classy style caught our attention immediately. "
"It’s great! "
"Best vacuum we have ever used. "
"Best ever cleaner that I have used. "
"Delightful machine – makes a pleasure out of a chore. "
"Wondeful machine. "
"This machine is fantastic. "
"Fantastic. "
"Great product! Best vacuum yet by far. "
"I love it. I love it."
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"SEBO is excellent. Very powerful and works effortlessly without bending or kneeling. "
"The vacuum cleaner is excellent. By far the best we have ever owned. "
"Best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever bought. "
"Airbelt fantastic idea! Saves paintwork. "
"Happy to do my housework once again. "
"I have had a SEBO for several years. So reliable, the new one is easy to use, couldn’t have any other make except SEBO. "
"Surprised at how quiet it is and how easy to change different parts, or adjust. Wish I’d bought one before! "
"I can’t praise it enough. I recommend it to everyone. "
"Simply the best vacuum cleaner I have owned. "
"Makes vacuuming a dream!! "
"Absoultely wondeful machines. "
"After first use I am very impressed with performance "
"Happy with power and suction "
"The best vacuum I have ever owned "
"Always impressed by simplicity yet adequacy of SEBO’s machines "
"So far I am very impressed "
"Used today for first time and so far very impressed. Job done in record time! "
"Very pleased indeed with performance "
"As I have arthritic hands, the clip on attachments need no effort whatsoever "
"It’s very good "
"Delighted with efficiency of product and silence of motor "
"Love it! "
"Cannot beat SEBO! "
"\"A great little machine "
"A perfect product for the elderly – I am in my late 70’s "
"lovely! "
"It is great "
"Wish I had purchased one sooner "
"Brilliant...only vacuum ever used that picks up pet hair with ease "
"Impressed so far "
"Excellent cleaner. Wouldn’t buy any other make "
"Recommended by my physiotherapist "
"So far very impressed "
"A great product. Simple and easy to use "
"Good machine "
"Very pleased with it. Comes up to expectations’’ "
"Excellent little machine. Very pleased with it’’ "
"I love the ergonomic design. Extremely easy to handle’’ "
"Makes light of vacuuming the house’’ "
"So quiet. Comfortable handle, light enough to move around’’ "
"The machine is so quiet and the padding around the cleaner is an asset’’ "
"Best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever had!! I love it!! Suffer allergies so it’s great! "
"This is an excellent machine – best I’ve ever found – which is why I now have two! "
"Very satisfied "
"A great product. Lives up to recommendations and expectations! "
"Excellent. Very powerful suction and lovely design. Well done and thank you! "
"We were so satisfied with the first SEBO we purchased, we bought a second! "
"I already have a SEBO Airbelt K1 which I am very satisfied with "
"I have chronic back pain so most machines are too heavy and cause pain or are not powerful enough – unlike the Airbelt "
"This model did what I wanted "
"Excellent brand! "
"Delighted with product so far "
"Highly recommended vacuum. I wouldn’t use another make. I find cylinder models preferable "
"Love it!! "
"Very pleased with vacuum. Easy to use, cleans floors - both wood and rugs – perfectly! "
"I was impressed by its ability to remove dust mites "
"So far, brilliant! "
"Excellent. So easy to use. Clean and dust free "
"As someone with constant back pain, I can now vacuum without having to grit my teeth! "
"Although I have only owned this cleaner for 1 week, I am delighted with it! "
"I find it to be an excellent machine, particularly in a small cottage "
"Very pleased with it "
"Enjoy using cleaner "
"Excellent finish. Compact "
"A nicely designed machine "
"Very pleased with product "
"Great suction "
"A very well thought out product "
"Very impressed with vacuum "
"Fantastic performance "
"Very satisfied "
"Am delighted with the performance of this product and would recommend it!"
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"Fantastic vacuum, strong suction to remove long cat fur. "
"Very pleased with results and dogs not too worried about noise. "
"I think it’s the best vacuum cleaner I have ever purchased. "
"So far, so good. Best yet "
"Picks up dog hairs "
"Beautiful "
"Very good machine "
"Very impressed "
"Easy-to-use for variety of cleaning "
"FANTASTIC! Easy-to-use – glides – very light and does the job "
"No hesitation in recommending this brand. Good after sales service "
"I am very pleased "
"The best I have ever used. Thank you! "
"Fantastic!! "
"It really does what it says – We have a black Labrador – lots of hairs! "
"A wonderful piece of engineering"
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SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaning Range Testimonials



SEBO Disco Floor Polishing Range Testimonials